Maguilla is the only village of the Campiña Sur with a long-standing winemaking tradition as evidenced by the numerous wineries that existed in the early 20th century. Maguilla’s many hours of sunshine, mild end of summer temperatures and cool, red albariza soils provide the perfect conditions for growing and ripening of grapes, resulting in very balanced, full-bodied wines with a unique personality.

At our winery, tradition and expertise go hand in hand. All of our winemaking facilities have been renovated and expanded with the latest technological advances.

Founded more than seventy years ago, at Bodegas Cancho we produce both young white, red, and rosé wines, as well as Crianza wines aged 24 months in oak barrels.

Most of our grapes are grown in our estate vineyards where newly planted select grape varieties alternate with traditional native varieties, whose excellent quality is evident in the wines we produce.

bodegas cancho Maguilla

barricas de las bodegas

Translated by Ana Cancho Esquivel